Talking is silver. Doing is gold.

In the B2B world, there are almost no areas between China and Germany in which we haven’t supported , advised and guided. Our goal is and will always be to provide both partners in both countries high-quality, committed and successful business relationships.

In order to reach the sometimes different goals of our clients, we have expanded the traditional consulting from pure information and data management into a decisive and successful direction of detailed, personal, committed, active, dynamic and especially direct guidance of projects and clients.

Paper is and will continue to be important. But, working together with our clients on the process, getting down to the concrete details and practical aspects of realizing the tasks, goals and projects are, based on our experience, just as important as the results.

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After years the amount of Chinese companies and investors doing business in Germany has increased significantly. Therefore, together with our partners, we increasingly offer professional consulting in the area of mergers and acquisitions for Chinese companies which are planning to enter the German market.

Naturally, we always have both sides in view: Does the potential investor fit with the target organization? Do the business between the seller and buyer make the sense? Do the organizational culture, management and economic prospects match and is the legal framework of a possible transfer water-tight?

Thanks to our excellent networks with direct contacts to government authorities, organizations, banks and specialized legal and tax consultants, we make it possible for our clients to have the prospects of the success and outstanding business deals.


Cross-Border M&A – Service and Consulting

Pre-Merger – Preparation
  • Analyzing the options for the right market-entry strategy
  • Conception of realizing the targeted strategy
Guidance through the entire M&A process
  • Support in choosing the right target organization
  • Contacting possible candidates
  • Support in producing a Letter of Intent (LOI)
  • Working together on the Due Diligence
  • Language, cultural and content support in negotiations
Post-merger integration
  • Alignment of business goals
  • Optimization all of the business processes
  • Creation of a new business culture
  • Support in choosing the personnel to build a management team



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