Kengtech Group: The Power Group

We love it when a plan functions well. To make that happen, we use our initiative, competence and a lot of know-how in our client projects. Whether it is about traditional trading business, mergers and acquisitions with Germany or China in business focus, in the preparation, the delivery or in the post-merger integration.

One of our mottos is: It is not about kilometers. It is about time, efficiency and quality. We are dedicated to this philosophy and apply it to every task when working with our clients and projects.

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Consulting beats guessing.

Each business is only as good as its business partners. Especially, between Chinese and Western cultures, there are sometimes extreme differences, which can quickly lead to the break-down of a project. Not because the partners do not want to cooperate with each other, simply because they do not understand each other correctly, for example, each may be used to different paths, measures and processes.

Our business expertise lies in analyzing, consulting and communicating

  • Analyze the options for a goal-oriented market-entry strategy
  • Analyze the target company
  • Bring together all of the aspects of a merger and acquisition
  • Arranging communication between contacts and decision-makers 
  • Connecting businesses
  • Informing about special cultural and business circumstances
  • Providing business rules and norms
  • Accompanying and moderating business negotiation
  • Project management consulting



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