It is important how you start!

For an importer and exporter to launch a successful, long-term business relationship, many things must be clarified up front: Product research, markets, conditions, margins, logistics, personnel, financing, customs, quality control, guarantees, and much more.

It is not only especially important that all of the business aspects get sorted out, but also that people from both cultures know how to work together. Partners sit thousands of kilometers apart in different time zones.

In each step of the way, we advise and support our clients efficiently, dependably and conscientiously.

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Active? Proactive!

Of course, not only do we support you actively in the search for suppliers and in the negotiations, rather we will prepare you in advance, proactively and thoroughly, for your new partner.

And, because we have been active for over 20 years in both markets, we regard ourselves as a competent and dependable trouble-shooter, when something doesn’t work as it should.

Because we experienced both cultures. Because we speak both languages. Because we feel equally at home in China as well as in Germany - “the heart of Europe”.

That not only makes the way shorter for our clients. It gives them access to excellent operational and proven networks.



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